Security is Paramount!

Anyone can build a web site… It’s another matter keeping the server protected from intrusions.

Our systems are monitored every 30 seconds from remote servers around the world to help guarantee uptime. Further, we run complex reports to analyze activity whenever an intrusion is suspected. Our software updates keep pace with security vulnerabilities that plague internet systems as they are discovered.

We build systems that pass PCI-DSS scans.  If you’re concerned about your virtual host being able to pass a PCI scan then you’re taking the first steps toward an effective security policy which includes changing passwords every now and again, and review of system software and configurations periodically.

Ask about how we can help you secure your data, pass a PCI scan and rest a bit easier.

Our servers at UptimeHosting are PCI compliant not only because the banks insist on it… it simply makes sense.  We comply not only to process credit cards internally, but to thwart attacks that come in a plethora of forms.

Your system should check every request, form submission and file upload to be certain it’s not some form of attack. If it is, automated firewall blocking policies stop attacks at the earliest point, before sensitive data is exposed or malicious code is injected.