• September 29, 2013

Definitely a labour of love, SSP was designed to assist in the dissemination of the work of Jose Arguellas, author of the Dreamspell who started a movement we regard as the 13-moon calendar.

The web site was designed from the ground up with a method of taking any gregorian date and converting it to the kin (in terms of the new calendar) or decoding the date.

The founder, and close friend, Seraphim Arkis, was typically decoding famous musicians, and finding synchronicities during his applications of the calendar.  We hung out together a lot, and I became friends with many of the people using the new calendar also, which continued to confirm my hunch that there was something to it all.

With vim and vigor, I wrote a script that imported the birthdays, deaths and important dates throughout time and imported the almost 90 thousand results into a database.  This permitted the display of a list of about 300 important dates with each of the 260 kin.

We used everything we could get our hands on including plenty of PHP, MySQL, caching, geo lookups, and a host of backend utilities.

The project is getting a re-vamp, and is going to run under WordPress with BuddyPress and BuddyBoss, and will be re-released upon completion.