Many of my friends don’t actually know what I do with computers…

Well, it’s safe to say I’m a WordPress guru.

* I have installed WordPress so many times, I’ve lost count.
* I’ve migrated several web sites to different servers. On several occasions, I helped after the transfer was botched — I was called in on an emergency basis.
* I’ve setup buddypress on several sites, and it’s running smoothly on two of them now.
* I’ve removed viruses from numerous WP installations
* I’ve worked extensively with WPML to develop multilingual web sites.
* I’ve written 5 plugins, and published 3 of them on
* I setup a Multi-Site network to manage more WordPress websites the “right” way.
* I’ve “tweaked” WordPress themes so much, I can do it in my sleep.
* I have successfully incorporated custom programming into WP templates. That’s always fun 😉

So you were thinking about a web site? You need a good deal? And you think you need a WordPress guru?

😉 ~T~

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