At UptimeHosting, our primary server is named “”, and runs a carefully blended mix of high-security and performance server software.

Recent upgrades of the firewall resulted in valuable enhancements to performance and security.

Be certain that you’re being protected by tools that prevent hackers from intruding on your private space.

At UptimeHosting, we protect the privacy of clients whether they’re required to maintain PCI compliance or not.

AI has quite a bit to say about our choice in firewall software:

How does CSF/LFD rank in terms of feature-rich firewalls for linux?

ChatGPT: CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) is a popular open-source firewall and LFD (Login Failure Daemon) software package for Linux servers. It is designed to provide a high level of security and protection against a wide range of attacks and exploits.

In terms of features, CSF/LFD ranks highly among Linux firewall programs. Some of its key features include:

  1. Advanced Firewall Configuration: CSF provides a wide range of options for configuring your firewall, including the ability to block traffic based on IP addresses, ports, and protocols.
  2. Automatic Detection and Blocking of Brute Force Attacks: LFD is designed to detect and block brute force attacks against your server in real-time, helping to prevent unauthorized access to your system.
  3. Integration with cPanel and WHM: CSF can be easily integrated with cPanel and WHM control panels, making it easy to manage firewall rules from a web interface.
  4. Email Alerts: CSF/LFD can be configured to send email alerts when certain events occur, such as when a new IP address is blocked or when a user fails to authenticate multiple times.
  5. Kernel-level filtering: CSF/LFD can operate at the kernel level, providing additional protection against network-based attacks.

Overall, CSF/LFD is a powerful and feature-rich firewall program for Linux servers. While it may be more complex to set up and configure than some other firewall programs, its advanced features and real-time threat detection make it a popular choice for server administrators who need a high level of security and protection.

By Anthony