Well, the name sez it all, eh?

This is a result of utilizing a library of functions developed over my work with the 13-moon calendar and the Dreamspell. The process of meeting the demanding specs of the screeners at WordPress caused me to use the ThickBox implementation of jquery and ajax.

The ajax runs “outside” of WordPress, so vars had to be carefully assembled into an encoded GET that gets passed on to the ajax.  It makes for very fast screen-loads.

This very-low-overhead calendar has all the features of your classic WordPress calendar, and more.  We’re going to make sure of that.  In time, I will increment the versions.

For now, it decodes any date and stretches the boundary that exists for dates outside of 1901-2038, using PHP on Linux.  To achieve dates outside of this timeframe, we have employed the adodb extension to extend php’s normal date() function.

Here”s a little from the adodb library for those of you into “time”.

The minimum is 100 A.D. as <100 will invoke the 2 => 4 digit year conversion. The maximum is billions of years in the future, but this is a theoretical limit as the computation of that year would take too long with the current implementation of adodb_mktime().

The program runs with nearly no overhead, as it is has minimal database access calls and runs nearly 100% on a newly extended functions library.

This plugin is a milestone for us at UptimeHosting, since we are now quite clear that any business application can be plugin-ized for private or public use.

The plugin is maintained with notes and a forum at the 13-moon Synchronometer WordPress Plugin page at wordpress.com.



    1. Anthony Fogleman

      It’s all good, I’ve posted an archived version of the last functional release to u-ching, but it’s still got the XSS vulnerability, and yet, if you don’t mind such a thing (because you’ve got protection already for it) then you can ask me for a copy of the 13-moon Synchronometer plugin that is now NOT LISTED ANYMORE on WP.org.

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer this concern. I got busy with designs of custom projects and was traveling also.

  1. Anthony

    That’s correct. It’s all about what you’re using your plugins for. In many cases, you can find perfectly functional plugins, or design your own.

    I can patch these plugins, and it has to show up on my plate as a priority. Then I do it. Not until then.

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