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Web Design, Hosting and Programming

What We Do

Business Computer Consulting

As your company improves communication with staff, clients, and future clients, you learn how to identify your out-dated systems and get a strong “leg-up” simply through targeted general consulting with a seasoned pro.


Just keeping a server alive while under a constant barrage of attacks is a full-time job.

Thank God (and our great support team) we don’t do it alone.

Our servers are hardened against attacks as they are discovered.

WordPress Plugins

It’s possible now to reach many millions of viewers simply by writing a WordPress plugin.!

Now, all it needs is your ideas.

We want to hear what they are, identify the goals, and help you through the design stages.

WordPress Design

Take advice from the market, and look into WordPress. We found the features impressive enough to dive in by offering:

* Theme and Plugin Selection
* Theme and Plugin “tweaking”
* Training and Hand-Holding
* Breach Recovery … and more

cPanel Hosting

Our 8-core servers are designed for production use.

Although we have sites that pushed the boundary with bandwidth, we closely monitor uptime, load, memory, disk consumption, and a host of other processes, to keep them running fast and smooth.

Custom Programming

Does your programming include the features your business needs? …something unique? …a critical feature?

That’s where we shine.

Good programs start with a bright idea. They deserve good planning, design, and execution.

Recent Work

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We’re protected from the ‘Heartbleed’ bug

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